Saturday, March 12, 2011

Optimize your referencing on Bing (Part 1)

Since the launch of  Bing in June of 2009, you are maybe looking to optimize your refenrincg in Bing Search, the new search tool by Microsoft. This guide will be in 3 parts.

Referencing on Bing : optimization on page

Title Tag

  • Put the most important words in the beggining because they are the most used by the algorithm.
  • Try to not go over 65 characters (and use more than 5 characters).
  • For the deep pages, first put the most strategic words, then the description words of the page cateogyr, and then eventualy the website title.
  • Ensure to never have 2 identical titles.
  • Do not use special characters such as : '"<>{}[]()

Meta description Tag

Even though it is not used by the classement algorithm, it can be used by Bing to show the snippet (description of your website). Some tips :
  • Make specific descriptions for each of your pages (never repeat the same description for more than 1 page).
  • Never re-use the Title Tag category, vary expressions and adopt a more incitative style.
  • Try to use between 25 and 150 characters.
  • Do not use : '"<>{}[]()

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Friday, March 11, 2011

World of Warcraft 4.2 update

Patch 4.2 will add a Daily Area but also a Raid Area.
Patch 4.2 - Firelands Daily Area

Firelands will be more than a raid instance and will include a new questing area and probably a couple of other surprises.

Firelands Daily Zone - Map

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Referencing tool : Seoquake for Firefox

seoquake-logo.pngSeoQuake is a plugin (Firefox or even Internet Explorer) that lets you gather alot of useful informations about a website. Once installed, this plugin will be under 3 forms :a tool bar , an element added on the website page and elements in search tools such as Google.
Concretely, this tool lets you gather :
  • Google's pagerank
  • How much pages Google gathered
  • How many links are pointing toward this page
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How to : Get more traffic in your blog.

Optimize your pages names (parmalink)
Change the name of your permalinks so they contain keywords. For that, you will need to go in your Settings and Permalink. For example I put %postname% which allows me to generate URLs that use keywords from the article's title.

Optimize the structure of your blog

Prefer templates that load your text and articles before the menus. They are often those with 2 colons on the right. It's even becoming a standard for the pro bloggers. Also work on your tags and make keywords appear.

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Wanna feel like a pirate in Facebook ?

I discovered many things today, and this one will be one of those i'm going to share with you.
I'm pretty sure you know that you can change your Facebook language, but did you know there was an English Pirate language ?
Want to try ?

1- Connect to your Facebook account
2- Go to your account settings
3- Switch to the Language tab
4- Click on the drop down menu and go for English (Pirate), it is not grouped with English UK and the others, it is far away below.
5- ?????
6- Profit !
Have fun feelin' like an ol' pirate. Yaarrr !

Don't forget to read my other Tutorials.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meta Tags

What is a Meta Tag ?

Meta Tags gives the search tools informations to reference your web pages and are placed in the part of any blogs or websites.

Those Meta Tags have informations on your page : title, description, keywords. But also the author name, E-mail, language, region, copyright, etc.

Meta Tags are very important to get in the first pages of a search tool and to get referenced.

But every Meta Tags became useless, excepted the one, which we are going to show you.

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Monday, March 7, 2011


   Minecraft is a big hit now, despite it's price of 15 Euros and it's Beta test status.
I bought the game back when it was in alpha test, since then I've been mashing mountains, cutting down trees and slaughtering (or being slaughtered) the fauna, all of this to build structures, just like legos !

There is not realy a point to Minecraft, you are free in a randomly generated world composed of stone, sand, grass, water, trees, and monsters ! All of those being raw materials for your buildings, tools, weapons, armor and food. For the momment you don't even need any of those, you can survive without using any of it, but in the later patches you will have to eat and drink to survive, but of course, when the night falls down, monsters will track you down.

And inevitably, you will build, not only because you have to, but because you can.
Minecraft is a reak commentary on human behavior. It puts you in a sandbox with unlimited power and one condition: To create anything, you must destroy something else. It’s a lesson on natural resources, which might seem painfully obvious if so many other games didn’t stuff players with unlimited ammo and health-restoring chicken hidden in trash cans. It is a beautiful model of humanity’s need to destroy and rebuild.
That message is never forced on the player. It’s implied in the system Minecraft creates. And when the revelation strikes, as you’re digging into another mountain, chopping down another tree, butchering another cow, the joke’s on you.

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