Friday, March 11, 2011

World of Warcraft 4.2 update

Patch 4.2 will add a Daily Area but also a Raid Area.
Patch 4.2 - Firelands Daily Area

Firelands will be more than a raid instance and will include a new questing area and probably a couple of other surprises.

Firelands Daily Zone - Map

Patch 4.2 - Firelands Raid
After the Firelands Daily Area, it's time to take a look at the only thing you all want to see: the Firelands Raid instance!

Just like the daily area, it's a little hard to gather a lot of information about it because the instance isn't even supposed to be in this PTR patch but hopefully the couple of screenshots/maps below will be enough while you wait a few more months (you could probably count in weeks, Patch 4.2 won't be far behind Patch 4.1) before you see it on live realms.

Firelands Raid - Encounters
According to the Blizzcon 2010 Raids & Dungeons Panel, the Firelands raid will have 7 bosses. We already know 3 of them from achievement icones:

  • Fandral Staghelm, former Archdruid of Darnassus.
  • Alysra, the green drake in charge of transporting Fandral to a safe location at the end of the Hyjal questlines in Cataclysm. (Note: Just because there's an icon related to Alysra doesn't mean it's really a boss, in the case of Valithria Dreamwalker the goal of the encounter was to save her)
  • Ragnaros the Firelord, that one isn't really a surprise, right? And he's so pretty now!
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  1. Ah I just cancelled my subscription today. Shame I won't be able to check this out :/

  2. Good to see they still change it up as much as possible!

  3. Can't wait for it!

  4. Looks like an interesting zone.

  5. ehh im so tired of wow, maybe this will get me goin again!