Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanna feel like a pirate in Facebook ?

I discovered many things today, and this one will be one of those i'm going to share with you.
I'm pretty sure you know that you can change your Facebook language, but did you know there was an English Pirate language ?
Want to try ?

1- Connect to your Facebook account
2- Go to your account settings
3- Switch to the Language tab
4- Click on the drop down menu and go for English (Pirate), it is not grouped with English UK and the others, it is far away below.
5- ?????
6- Profit !
Have fun feelin' like an ol' pirate. Yaarrr !

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  1. yea I did know that, there is also leetspeak as a language

  2. LOL just did it. got a good laugh out of it :D

  3. I had this for like 2 months before I changed it back to UK hehehe

  4. I did play with that before I deleted my Facebook.

  5. i found it pleasin to my eyee