Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to : Get more traffic in your blog.

Optimize your pages names (parmalink)
Change the name of your permalinks so they contain keywords. For that, you will need to go in your Settings and Permalink. For example I put %postname% which allows me to generate URLs that use keywords from the article's title.

Optimize the structure of your blog

Prefer templates that load your text and articles before the menus. They are often those with 2 colons on the right. It's even becoming a standard for the pro bloggers. Also work on your tags and make keywords appear.

Use LinkBaiting

 This technic permit to generate buzz around ur articles. Those are certain types of articles that naturaly brings links of others blogs or websites. They are contained in lists, interviews, top lists, how to articles, co-blogging, free tools, ...

Utilization of social tools

Those tools permit to submit your link to a community which will vote for your links. The one with most votes will be on the home page et makes a lot of traffic. This is known as the Digg effect. Post every of your articles there and you will get a lot more traffic..

Comment the articles on other blogs

 You will end up on many blogs and read a lot of articles. If you can add informations in other's blog comments then go on ! Leave a comment of quality will bring you traffic, will help referencing, and will get you bloggers friends. Never comment with very short sentences such as "Cool" or "Awesome". Also put a link in your blog about your comment in those blogs.
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