Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am addicted
First step is to admit it.
Is it  a problem?
Define problem…………..
Firstly my unusual period of quietness, is not a demise of my love of the game,  or desire to play,  and nor is this a precursor for a sayornara post.
I have had some ISP issues which has not been helping, and calls and polite emails of my dissatisfaction has resulted in  2 months credit for the lackluster internet service,  but the fix isn’t happening for weeks, and it is extremely frustrating when you want to play,  and your not sure if your going to go from everything is going smoothly to crap everyone is running on the spot, and insta heals are the only ones that eventually hit your target.
Also  If I was a bloke, my balls would be bigger then some of the lovely,  charming, upfront and honest players I have had the honor of spending time with.  Let me wipe away those globules of sarcasm for you,  and keep  my charming smile properly affixed to my face.
But yes, back to quitting.
Honestly I don’t think I could.
Primarily because I don’t have a  reason to quit,  I could find / do find reasons to reduce my playing.  But quit, that’s crazy.
Say you did decide to  quit Wow for various reasons, and want to stay away – wash Wow right out of your hair. Maybe there were too many asshats, things you thought you ought to be doing.
So How would you quit with the idea of not coming back?
Cause  everyone I know that quits comes back

You could
  • Cancel your subscription.
  • Give your authenticator to a friend to hide and a promise not to return it to you even when begging them at 2am in the morning in tears.
  • Uninstall.
  • Destroy your PC.
  • Find distractions in a new game – patches of browser based MMO’s to lessen the pain.
  • Find distractions in people.
  • Get a new hobby.  ( I am half serious about the idea of learning Archery and Welsh)
  • Just don’t come home and work on your fluro tan in the office.
But all of those things would be easily changed, and so easy to slip back into the habit.
I am a deleter. I delete things that could be bad for me that  I would be tempted to keep and use eg Mobile numbers.  It might sound  a little odd.  But deleting, or uninstalling it would most likely be the more affective way for me, as long as I deleted my back up files, and then threw out my cds.
What you can download it off battlenet?
I had a friend that went hungry so they could smoke. That’s what addictions do to you.  What would I do to get my fix?
Me and Caffeine have had a love hate relationship for years. I have quit Caffeine successfully for short periods of time.  Cold turkey. But I am glad I never smoked,  because I can’t leave caffeine alone.    I have Suffered through the withdrawal  headaches of caffeine and the cravings and the crazy thoughts towards someone holding a coffee cup in the lift  - the smell  so intoxicating  that I had to stand a little closer and take a long sniff.
Your coffee dear sir,  has me in a swoon..
But I had several habits to break when quitting caffeine.
I had to break a ritual at the same time. Drinking the coffee wasn’t the only thing I had to change.  The coffee place was on my way to work,  walking cheerfully into the office so used to holding that cup,  the cup sitting there next to the PC,  waiting to be sipped.
I managed to do it  by changing the direction I walked to work,  buying a piece of fruit  from a fruit vendor and eating that like I would drink a coffee. I replaced my habit with something,  because the times I have tried to do it other ways. Feet! Keep walking! haven’t lasted as long as my successful attempts.
So quitting Wow, would need to involve more then canceling an account,  not turning on the PC,   Even hanging out with people is dangerous because it’s so easy to slot wow into a conversation, and the internet is dangerous because there are all these things about wow!
Can I come over to your place to watch you play Wow? No I really did come here for Wow..  Really,  it wasn’t an excuse to see you.
I have resisted the urge to manage my auctions through my phone.  Wow has already permeated my life, I’d like to say mostly for good reasons, but I dream about wow, stay out of my subconscious.
However a Chinese monastery sounds like it might work.
Practicing Casting animations while wearing a robe.  It’s Wow Fu -  Iron Shadow Priest form. Like this ” Waves hands around”  Mindblast!   I win against preying mantis!
Nope wouldn’t work.
I don’t have – nor can I forsee,  a big enough reason to quit completely, and I think I would have great difficulty doing so. I guess that worrys me a little.
Though I am writing this instead of playing right now.
Must write more!
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  1. I played WoW every day for years, but when 3.2 came out I just quit cause the badge system sucked.

  2. What's so bad about finding something you really enjoy?

  3. I quit one year ago...very good choice

  4. Damn MMORPG's. They just get you like heroin.

  5. I deleted WoW from my computer about 3 months ago. There are times I miss it, but I have found much better things to do with my time. Blogging, for instance. :D

  6. i was only in vanilla addicted. thought it got pretty bad afterwards

  7. I used to play WoW, then I came to the realization that I was paying all this money for nothing. I barely even enjoyed playing anymore.

  8. I play FFXI, and still love it! Won't quit, even if it's an addiction.. ha

  9. wow is so awesome, dont mind if im addicted :)

  10. Video game addiction is bad... Drug addiction is worse........

  11. I can totally relate to all that ahaha

  12. 6 years for me. Glad its lost its luster finally.

  13. played wow too, but quit because i was getting bored, not because of its "bad", just play if you feel like it i guess

  14. nah I stopped with wow after 3 years of gameplay just in few weeks .. it was just bored like hell

  15. Over the school holidays i bought catacalysm and 1 month subscription, it just run out a week ago. Good thing too because its exam time and i need to study.